What is EFCA Membership

What is EFCA Membership

What is EFCA Membership?

Definition of EFCA Membership

Membership is defined as a family who has fulfilled all the admission requirements as set forth by this home school ministry. When one member of the immediate family is enrolled, we consider all other members of the immediate family members of EFCA.

An “enrolled member” is the school age child who appears on the roster and for whom there has been completed a Church School Enrollment form submitted by EFCA to the proper county school superintendent.

An “activity member” is that child whose family has met all the admission requirements for the purpose of affiliation with this home school ministry for support and fellowship. Any person or family who desired to participate in EFCA sponsored activity must have met all activity membership requirements.

**FAMILIES LEAVING: If God is leading your family in a new direction and you will not be returning to EFCA, please come by the EFCA Office, to withdraw your student from EFCA. A parent’s signature is required. Your helpfulness in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

EFCA Mission Statement

EFCA serves as a ministry of Evangel Church to enable and assist Christian parents who desire to directly supervise their children’s education in order that their children be given the best preparation to fulfill their God given purposes.

“All your sons will be taught by the Lord, and great will be your children’s peace” Isaiah 54:13