NOTE: All athletes must be members/activity members BEFORE they can practice any EFCA sport.

Join EFCA First Time Application

NOTE: An application packet for new members can be downloaded New Membership Application Packet, picked up at the EFCA office or mailed to you for a fee of $2 payable to EFCA. Please contact the EFCA office at or call the office during the hours listed on the home page to request your copy.

The EFCA office is located in the gym building at:
Evangel Church
3975 Vaughn Road
Montgomery, AL 36106
In order to process a new application all of the following items must be submitted:

  • A completed EFCA MEMBERS APPLICATION – Download a Membership Application
  • A CHURCH SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM listing each child being home schooled, ages six to seventeen, signed by the parents in black ink. (Note: As required by Alabama Code 16-28-3, the local church school must notify the local county school superintendent of any termination of enrollment. Parents are held accountable to the EFCA administrator for immediate notification of any student who does not continue his home schooling.)
  • Both parents’ signatures on the DISCLAIMER STATEMENT
  • A Family Church Reference form completed by the pastor of your church.
  • Application fee of $165 made payable to EFCA

**FAMILIES LEAVING: If God is leading your family in a new direction and you will not be returning to EFCA, please come by the EFCA Office, to withdraw your student from EFCA. A parent’s signature is required. Your helpfulness in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Join EFCA Membership for Activities Only

Membership for Activities Only is for those families that do not want to be covered by EFCA but would like to participate in EFCA Activities.

In order to process a activities only application all of the following items must be meet or submitted:

  • Family must be covered under a local church school ministry for home education.
  • A completed EFCA ACTIVITY MEMBERS APPLICATION – Download an Activities Only Membership Application
  • A complete Family Church Reference Form.
  • Application fee of $125, payable to EFCA.